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The Soil's Eye View of Soil-Structure Interaction in a Dense Urban Environment.

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Description: Five part video overview of the NEES Cityblock Project (including interviews and other footage)

1. Introduction (1:19) - [MPEG] | [WMV]

2. What's geotechnical centrifuge earthquake testing? (2:27) - [MPEG] | [WMV]

3. How have students been involved? (6:22) - [MPEG] | [WMV]

4. What have we learned? (5:11) - [MPEG] | [WMV]

5. Final thoughts (2:15) - [MPEG] | [WMV]

Total time: 17:37 min.

Condensed version of the above presentation - [MPEG] | [WMV]

Total time: 4:45 min.

Description: Slideshow video showcasing the entire process in constructing and running our tests for the City Block Test-4 project at the NEES @ UC Davis Center for Geotechnical Modeling. (The original background music in the video was copyrighted, so there is an ongoing classical song instead) [view slide show]

Recent Journal Articles and Presentations:
  • Seismic System Identification using Centrifuge-based Soil-Structure Interaction Test Data by Z. Chen, N.W. Trombetta, T.C. Hutchinson, H.B. Mason, J.D. Bray & B.L. Kutter (2013) [read more]

  • Seismic Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction in Nuclear Power Plant Structures by Chandrakanth Bolisetti and Dr. Andrew Whittaker - from SMiRT 21 (November 2011) [read more]

  • An Evaluation of Current Sire Response Analysis Methods - a presentation by Chandrakanth Bolisetti and Dr. Andrew Whittaker - presented at the 2012 Quake Summit Conference (NEES & CMMI) [view presentation]

  • Graduate Students Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers on a Large-scale Experimental Research Project: A Case Study - Gregg L. Fiegel, H. Ben Mason, and Nicholas W. Trombetta [read more]

  • Mechanisms of Seismically Induced Settlement of Buildings with Shallow Foundations on Liquefiable Soil - Shideh Dashti, Jonathan D. Bray, Juan M. Pestana, Michael Riemer, and Dan Wilson [read more]

  • Centrifuge Testing to Evaluate and Mitigate Liquefaction-Induced Building Settlement Mechanisms - Shideh Dashti, Jonathan D. Bray, Juan M. Pestana, Michael Riemer, and Dan Wilson [read more]

2011 EERI Annual Meeting
Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition

February 11, 2011

Nicholas Trombetta makes a presentation and does a demonstration on the topic of Soil-Struction Interaction

[view presentation]

For more information about this design competition, visit:

Congratulations to Jeannie Tran for her award winning photo at the 2011 Quake Summit Media Competition
[view all past project award winners]

For more information about this media competition, visit:

3D models and animation of test structures by Jonathan Lund [view all]

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